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One of the greatest challenges of our times is the growing burden of mental ill-health globally.

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While great challenges call for great innovation, a dialogue on ‘what is’ and ‘how to do’ “global mental health innovation” is much needed.

“Global mental health innovation” is a relatively new and emerging field. There is still a need to determine a working consensus on definitions, practices, and recommendations for ethical and comprehensive innovation.

To address this gap, the Global MINDS Collective and the MHPSS Collaborative invite practitioners dedicated to improving the mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of individuals and communities to the first annual Global Mental Health Innovation Imaginarium.

The Imaginarium fosters a collaborative space to (re)imagine and (re)define global mental health innovation. Through a participatory and consultative process, attendees will set strategic priorities for evolving the field.


Who are the participants?

We welcome anyone who works to support the wellbeing of all. This includes individuals with lived experience, youth, representatives of grassroot organisations, civil society organizations, local and international NGOs, government bodies, and funding agencies working in the mental health and psychosocial space.

We welcome individuals across expertise and experience, including artists and musicians, teachers, activists, architects and engineers, peacebuilders and mediators, and others. We invite students, emerging professionals, and experts from all sectors who are interested in further expanding this growing field through a process of (re)imagining and (re)defining global mental health innovation.

What will we achieve at the Imaginarium?

Participants will work together to address the following objectives:

  1. Understand the landscape of global mental health innovation (definitions, actors, initiatives, tools & techniques, evaluation and impact processes);
  2. Recognize strengths and limitations of global mental health innovation;
  3. Leverage insights, strengths, and capacities of youth and people with lived experience in catalyzing global mental health innovation;
  4. Identify opportunities and challenges that a new agenda for global mental health innovation raises
  5. Set actions for a Global Task Team on global mental health innovation

25 FEBRUARY 2022


Participants will explore core questions and ideas to create the foundation for visioning, understanding, and collaborating within the global mental health innovation space.

Participants will develop the collective capacity for deep listening and connection; and will be invited to share their work to carry forward an agenda for global mental health innovation.

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